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Occam's Razor JakesLaw Jake's Law
Amissa is an alluring sixth-generation clone. Her job is to lure Jazon Lightsinger into undertaking a dangerous mission for the Dastorans. His job - trying to survive treachery from Trilock assassins, Dastoran Drones eager to prevent him from learning Amissa's secret, and a fellow Terran carrying metal-eating nanites inside his body in case their mission fails.

Jake Blakely is a former Arizona deputy. Now, after the zombie apocalypse, he is a law unto himself. His first rule - he who has the biggest gun makes the law. Sometimes, he learns, the deadliest enemy isn't the zombies.

When three large objects fall to Earth with precision timing, NASA catastrophist Gate Rutherford suspects more than coincidence. When each object unleashes a gigantic, unstoppable, city-destroying creature, he joins a Special Ops team to venture inside one of the creatures to deliver a mini-nuclear bomb.

Judgment Day Judgment Day Redemption Judgment Day Retribution
Dr. Jebediah Stone had never believed in zombies until he had to shoot one. A very few Alpha zombies rule smaller hunting packs with the surviving humans as prey. Now, theyíre mutating into a new species, mortuus venator Ė dead hunters, capable of reproducing. Jeb Stone searches for his missing wife, taken by the military because she is immune. She and other captured munies supply the blue juice, a temporary vaccine, from their blood. It is a new, dangerous world he finds himself, filled with zoms, the military and their Judgment Day Protocol, merciless Hunters who capture munies for a shot of blue juice, street gangs and famine. Has the world turned on mankind? Is Mortuus Venator the new ruler of earth?

Book 2 of the Judgment Day series: The zombie plague has decimated the world. Zombies have mutated into breeding, animalistic killers, homo mortuus venator, the hunting dead. The military, instead of helping the survivors, use the blood of the immune, to create Blue Juice, a temporary vaccine. Jeb Stone managed to retrieve his wife from the clutches of the Major in San Diego and, with some friends, began a new life in the glass dome habitats of Biospehere2 in Oracle, Arizona. Now, they face a new threat, betrayal from within, and an old one, the Major seeking revenge.

Book 3 in "The Judgment Day" zombie series: Judgment Day has come.
The zombies are mutating into a new species threatening to supplant the surviving humans. The military is even worse, treating those immune from the plague as human blood banks for Blue Juice, a temporary vaccine. Now, one Colonel is fighting back and itís time for the survivors to join the rebellion.
Itís time for retribution.

Ice Station Zombie Chill Factor Cordyceps Rising
In the frozen desolation of the Antarctic, a military experiment to regenerate damaged nerve tissue goes horribly wrong. The result is the Hades Plague that sweeps the earth, creating hordes of zombies. The sub zero temperatures render the virus inactive in Antarctica, but the weather is warming and in Australia, the winter has been unseasonably warm...

Isolated at the South Pole with no communication with the rest of the world, a band of survivors discovers a Kharkovchanka snow tractor with three dead Russians inside. When the frozen Russians thaw out and attack them, they soon comprehend the reason for the eerie radio silence. Now, some of them are turning zombie as well, devouring their former friends and colleagues. Faced with a frozen death at the base of the world, or a dangerous journey to McMurdo Base, they choose McMurdo. They soon discover that they may have made the wrong choice.

It killed the ancient Mayans and drove them from their cities. Now itís loose in America. Ordicordyceps unilateralis, the zombie fungus, is turning people into mindless killing machines. Miami Special Investigations Squad Detective Kyle Bane has never seen anything like it. Cordyceps Rising forces him to lay aside his training as a cop and to become a cold blooded killer to save himself and his friends. Can he save Miami? As he sees the great White Wall of downtown skyrises in flames, he begins to doubt his abilities.

The Pools of Yarah Shadow Walker The Legend of Tallor
A thousand years have passed since most of mankind fled a dying Earth for the stars. Those who remained in domed cities barely survived their eventual fall. Amid a burning land, Hramack and his father, Kena, struggle to save their village. Now, the Scattered are returning home. Should Hramack welcome them home or fear their return?

To stop a war, he must save an angel. Jon Tanner can walk through the dark shadows into a land he calls Shadow Realm. The Catholic Church calls it Purgatory, gateway to hell, limbo of lost souls. Tanner, a loner, must deal with a beautiful dream Walker in the search for her Shadow Walker brother. When Tanner realizes the demons of Shadow Realm are preparing for a war with the real world, he decides to walk into hell itself to end it.

Global Oil Rig #13 claimed twenty-one lives during Hurricane Katrina. Now, Ric Waters, the half-mad sole survivor returns with a restoration crew. When members of the restoration crew are gruesomely murdered one-by-one, the blame falls on him. By the time they discover the presence of vengeful Voodoo Loas on the haunted rig, it’s too late to escape: Hurricane Rita is bearing down on them.

From the Depths Oracle of Delphi The Law Giveth
Josh Petermanís Caribbean vacation is rudely interrupted by Hurricane Clive. Then giant mutated deep sea creatures show up on the beach. From there, things get ugly. The Cayman Islands, cruise ships, Navy frigates Ė none are safe from the creatures From the Depths. A two-hundred-foot-long ceresiosaurus, thought to be long extinct, prowls the Caribbean Trench, seeking prey. All too soon, man becomes part of its menu.
Sixteen-year old Tad de Silva accompanies his uncle to the legendary city of Delphi to become companion to the young autistic oracle king. His lack of experience ill prepares him for the intense political intrigue within the ruling Council of Regents. Through the secretive Plin Watchers, he discovers that the Dark Veil, the mysterious phenomenon that almost destroyed the planet Charybdis five-hundred years earlier, is returning. Now, someone wants him dead. Tad must quickly set aside the joys of youth if he wishes to fend off assassins, protect his girlfriend Sira, find a way to save the helpless king from the machinations of the Council, and unearth the secret of the Veil.

Former Pima County Deputy Sheriff Jake Blakely is now an Arizona Ranger, living by his own set of rules, Jake's Laws, dispensing swift gun-barrel justice to bad guys, as well as protecting the safe havens he's helping establish from the ever-present zombies. The safe havens are the seeds for the rebirth of a Staggers Plague-stricken nation. So far, it has cost him his girlfriend, Jessica, and his survivalist home in Split Rock Canyon. Now, zombies are pouring over the former U.S.-Mexico border by the thousands, driven north by remnants of the Mexican Army. Jake has a plan. It's bold and dangerous, and could easily cost him his life. That's never stopped him before.

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