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I was born in Corinth, Mississippi February 19, 1954, a city steeped in Civil War history, from the Battle of Shiloh a few miles away, to the Battle of Corinth at Fort Robinette, part of which is in my parents' back yard. My love for history developed at an early age and has stayed with me, using historical events as ideas for my stories, often disguised by my imagination. My two sisters and brother were older than me by several years, so I grew up alone, relying on my vivid imagination for companionship as I roamed the fields and woods surrounding my home. Inventing characters became second nature to me. Now they live in my stories, as do friends and acquaintances, properly disguised, of course. Observing people allows me to understand people and how they might react in certain situations. I have lived in many places, visited more and held many jobs. Each locale and each job has been fodder for the grist mill of my imagination. Each word on the page contains a small part of me. It is my legacy. I hope you enjoy it.

Memories in Green - - Wild Violet, Fall issue, '04
Love Requited -- Simulacrum, January issue, '05
Welcome to the Neighborhood -- Nocturnal Ooze, April isssue, '05
Pied Piper -- Alien Skin, June, '05
Requiem Mass -- Fifth Dimension, June, '05
(Nominated for the James Baker Award by Sams Dot Publishing)
The Hollow -- Forever Underground, Oct., '05
A Gnawing Problem -- Lost Souls -- Sept., '05
Ozymandius Redux- Martian Wave, Oct., '05
The Dark at the Edge - Dawnsky #6, Nov., '05
Fire Gods - Silverthought, Nov., '05
A Taste of Wormwood - Nocturnal Ooze, Oct., '05
Mark of Caine -- Aiofe's Kiss
The Hunger -- Night to Dawn, Mar. , '06
Ties That Bind -- Bondage Anthlogy, Sam's Dot Publishing, Mar., '06
Flesh and Sympathy -- Vampires2, issue 1, Jan., "06
Blood Dawn -- Vampires2, issue 2, Apr., '06
Cyber-whore -- Neometropolis, June, '06
Gravity Sucks -- Androids 2, July, '06
Fear Itself -- Rogue Worlds Magazine, Sept., '06
Darwin's Children -- Ecotastrophe Anthology, Sept., '06
Stars Cry, Too -- Best of Neo-Opsis Anthology, Nov., '06
Will o'Wisp -- Fifth Dimension, Mar., '07
Blood Dawn II: Dana's Revenge, Vampires2, Mar., '08
PSI Knight --- Alien Skin, June, '08
Tit for Tat -- Androids2, Mar., '08
Welcome to My World - Neo-Opsis, 2009
Cuatheomac - Night til Dawn, March, '09
Blood Dawn and Blood Dawn II - Vampires2 - April, 2012

God Seed - Dec., 2005
Father Blood: Demon Spawn -- Lulu.com - Nov., 2007
Hell Rig -- Damnation Books, March, 2011
Tallor the Avenger and Other Tales-- Lulu.com - March, 2011
Blood Lust -- Severed Press - Feb. 2012
Ice Station Zombies - Severed Press - March 2012
Judgment Day -- Severed Press - April 2012
Judgment Day: Redemption -- Severed Press - Sept. 2012
Judgment Day: Retribution -- Severed Press - June 2013
Shadow Walker -- Damnation Books - Sept. 2012
Grave Dancer's Club -- Angelic Knight Press - April 2013
Chill Factor -- Severed Press - June 2013
Oracle of Delphi -- Montag Press - Nov. 2013
Cordyceps Rising -- Severed Press - Nov. 2013
From The Depths -- Severed Press - March, 2014
Jake's Law -- Severed Press - August, 2014
Occam's Razor -- Create Space - Oct., 2014
Kaiju: Deadfall -- Severed Press - Nov., 2014
Kaiju Kiribati -- Severed Press - Nov., 2015
Intulo, A Lost World -- Severed Press - Jan., 2016
The Law Giveth -- Severed Press - Feb., 2016
The Pools of Yarah -- Montag Press - July., 2016


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